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Happy Valentines Day lovers and haters! As someone who designs cards for a living you might find it strange that I’m not bothered about what card I get (that counts for birthdays, Christmas… Continue reading

Hi Lawrence, nice to meet you…

What do you get if you take two girls, a cigar, a pot of wax and a camera? You get Lawrence formally known as Laura. I like, no I love, doing themed shoots.… Continue reading

Photographing the photograph.

Last night whilst taking Mylo out, the sky was beautiful –┬álovely wispy clouds around a bright moon and hundreds of stars, of course I didn’t have my camera with me. So tonight, I… Continue reading

Support a newbie!

So Laura (the other doll in Broken Doll Collective) bought her first ever digital camera on 31.12.11 and she’s getting frustrated already! Along with myself, she’s taking part in the 365 project and… Continue reading