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365 – a catch up and light graffiti.

So I didn’t blog yesterday but I did take my day 11 photograph which was this: Peek-A-Bot And for day 12 today… it seems that L Bot is something of a caffeine junkie… Continue reading

TERROR! Or… at least a little bit worrying… for half an hour.

Urgh, so my morning routine goes something like this: wake up about 7.45am to make Laura’s pack up and send her to work with a cup of tea. I make myself a coffee,… Continue reading

Goodnight Moon, Manchester 09/01/12

Decided to try taking photos of the full moon tonight and this is the result. It’s SOOC so no editing done, I definitely want to invest in a decent telelens, this was taken… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 9

What do you like to do after a hard day’s work? Well if you’re anything like Little L Bot it could be chilling out with a beer and some choons… Chill Bot!

365 Project – Day 8

Woo hoo, officially past the first week and here is Little L Bot showing you that he too enjoys a spot of photography (when he’s not hungover, drunk or doing some adventure sport!).¬†… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 7

You may not be aware of this but Little L Bot is an adrenaline junkie! He has recovered from yesterdays hangover and celebrated by abseiling down a huge wall. Brave Little L Bot,… Continue reading

Photographing the photograph.

Last night whilst taking Mylo out, the sky was beautiful –¬†lovely wispy clouds around a bright moon and hundreds of stars, of course I didn’t have my camera with me. So tonight, I… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 6

Following yesterday’s antics, Little L Bot is somewhat fagile today. I caught him snuggled in bed, clutching his Alka Seltzer and drinking Starbucks Latte’s like there’s no tomorrow. So no major excitement for… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 5

Uh oh, someone’s had a bit too much to drink and that kebab looks in danger of falling into a mushy mess… Had concerns at first about the look of the vodka bottles… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 4

Little L Bot came close to spending his afterlife in a watery grave yesterday so I decided to give him a break and treat him to a play session! Cue me trying to… Continue reading