365 Project – Day 2

Builder Bot! Our building is currently surrounded by scaffolding which I thought couldĀ make an interesting surrounding for Little L Bot! I played around with different vantage points – looking up at the bot,… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 1

Meet Little L. My subject for the next year or at least till her paper self disintigrates and I have to find a new bot! So… take one little robot, a tin of… Continue reading

365 + 52 = A lot of clicking.

Along with my 52 Photographic Projects (see previous post), I’m also going to take a photo a day for the next 365 days on a specific theme. My theme will be revealed later… Continue reading

Photography in 2012

For my *gasp* 29th birthday a few days ago I received a Diana F+ camera (yay!) and this book: Anyone who knows me will know that they make for a very happy girl… Continue reading

A quick hello…

Hello and Welcome to our brand spanking, new for 2012 blog! There’s a bit about why we’ve started this blog in the ‘about’ page but this is us in a nutshell – we’re… Continue reading