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Little L Bot lives on – the last photos.

So I quit the 365 project and explained why in this post right here, but I had three photos left over of L Bot that I didn’t get round to uploading so here… Continue reading

A quick note about 365…

I got bored.

365 Project – Day 24

L Bot was so happy when he got called to the local Rugby ground… shame the ball was too big for him to play with. Never mind L Bot, maybe you can be… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 22

L Bot likes to jot down his daily going ons in his journal, I sneakily snapped him in action. “today I played with Sasha, it was fun” 🙂 and is there a love… Continue reading

Fishy Balloons… 365 Projects Days 20 & 21

Day 20 and L Bot takes a trip up high… Day 21 and L Bot takes a visit to see some fish, this one is called Wilf.

365 Project – Days 18 & 19

So I blacked out this blog yesterday in support of the global web blackout over the SOPA act. If it’s not something you’re familiar with, it’s definitely worth a read up – sure,… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 17

L Bot was still a little nervous when he woke this morning and his fear was heightened by the sound of that familiar wheeling sound outside his front door.. knock knock.. brave Little… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 16

Took full advantage of the glorious sunshine here in Manchester today – yes I know, sunshine in Manchester in January… who’d have put money on that! Seems that despite the sunshine and happiness… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 15

Little L Bot has enjoyed the darts over the past week and today decided to break out his own board and have a go… I caught him in the midst of celebration after scoring… Continue reading

365 Project – Days 13 & 14

Two very different days for Little L Bot. On Friday 13th, he spent the day looking after his poorly friend Mylo: Then today he told me he planned to go into space but… Continue reading