Fundraising Artistic Calendar for #Alzheimers Society.

You may remember a while back that I photographed the lovely Lynda Bellingham and the equally as lovely Tony Hirst from Coronation Street for a calendar that was going to be produced to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.

The calendar is now available for sale and features 12 well known people posing with 12 members of the public who have some kind of link to Alzheimers.

I photographed Laura of I Hate Hiccups with Tony Hirst and Katie, who organised the whole entire thing, with Lynda Bellingham.

Each of the photographs taken by photographers have since been turned into  unique artists impressions by very talented artists, the calendar itself is brilliantly fun and more importantly is raising money for a very important cause.

Being part of the calendar, even in a small way was fun and exciting but it also felt great to be part of something that could, and should, raise money for a society who do amazing work and I’m sure everyone involved felt the same.

The calendar is on sale now and you can buy it direct from It’s only £10 for a years worth of enjoyment.

If you can, please give.

For those who maybe don’t know much about Alzheimers, it’s a degenerative brain disease which destroys lives – both the sufferer’s and the families who have to stand by and watch someone they love battle a dreadful illness. For more information please go to The Alzheimers Society website.

Thank You x