Like all good bus services…

You wait weeks, even months for a blog post then two come along at once!

The lovely Amanda from Gimme That Thing has once again made a home from home in the Chorlton Arts Festival Hub with the Pop Up shop featuring 10 local crafters and artisans.  I trudged along this morning armed with bags upon bags (ok, three bags but I have short arms so it felt like more!) of products to join in with the fun.

Anyone local to Chorlton should pop in, it’s in the Festival Hub in Chorlton Precinct (if you find Quality Save you’ll find the Hub!) – it’s open till Saturday (around 5.30) and there really is something for everyone. Unless you want booze or food of which there is none (although we do have a half pint novelty candle in there – it won’t get you drunk and if you drink it you’ll be sick but it’s close enough!)

Also, does anyone know why my iPhone is taking photos with lines on it? Only happened in a few shots… think maybe it’s the lighting?