Cup of tea please Roy a.k.a what we did today a.k.a The Dolls do Corrie.

Blog world, I told you we had good stuff coming and here is one of the awesome things:

We went to Coronation Street! I may have mentioned in the past that I’ve taken some photographs for a charity calendar that will be sold in aid of Alzheimers, and today’s shoot was on those famous cobbles that we all know and love.

If you watch the show, you’ll know that there has recently been a storyline involving Paul and his wife who had alzheimers. With such a strong and current storyline it was great that Katie, the brains who thought up the idea and who has organised the whole thing, could get Tony Hirst who plays Paul to agree to being in the calendar.

We actually ended up being extra’s on the show! That’s right, we’re taking over the acting world – next stop Hollywood! If you watch on 23rd July, there’s a chance you’ll see myself and Laura Doll sipping brews in Roy’s Rolls and acting our little socks off! Laura Doll will no doubt have a funnier tale to tell over at I Hate Hiccups!

I can’t show you the photos until the final one has been chosen and then that’s a secret till it’s out but I can show you some other pics we took today:

Me and Laura then went location scouting in Manchester for a shoot that’s coming soon and not only did we find two perfect locations but came up with some fresh ideas too so it’s big yay’s all round for productivity and creativity today!