If I had the opportunity to photograph any person in the world, professionally (but not in a live music venue which I’ve often done) it would be Kylie.

Not only does she have a beautiful face, she’s able to pull off so many different looks and seems to be pretty open minded about themes – I just get the feeling she’d be great to work with – easy and creative, what else could you ask for as a photographer?

The only problem, should I ever get the chance to photograph Kylie, would be the fact I’d be shaking like a leaf! I’m not easily star struck but I think Kylie would not only leave me speechless but she’d potentially leave me needed medical care as my body went into complete shock (sadly, I’m not really even joking.)

I would love to be the person to shoot a new Kylie calendar or an album cover but luckily, that’s what dreams are for!

I will be sort of photographing the lovely lady herself tomorrow but she’ll be on stage and I’ll be in the crowd, way too busy cheering, singing and shaking to really care about what my camera is doing.

I don’t know if you’ve clicked onto this yet but I am a huge Kylie fan and I’ve just spent the last 17 minutes watching an amazing video compilation done by and it has literally brought back so many memories from learning the dance to Wouldn’t Change A Thing  as a tiny 7 year old in 1989 to having all night parties at University listening to the Body Language album when everyone was too tired to dance but didn’t want to go home.

One of the things that was just so obvious in the compilation though was how amazing Kylie has looked over the past 25 years – the video  What Do I Have To Do is one of my favourites in the terms of the styling, I was far too young back then to know anything about photography but oh to been on set and photographed her in the vivid make up and wild hair for WDIHTD.

Kylie, if you happen to read this – I’m a very good photographer with crazy ideas and I think we’d work together. My phone number is 07…..