Let There Be Light – Manchester 27.02.2012

The Manchester wheel will be no more from April so I figured it was time to go out, do the tourist thing and photograph it. Points for originality? Nil but hey, sometimes following the crowd isn’t such a bad thing.

My tripod was bust. BUST! Something I didn’t realise until I was stood in the rain trying to get it together so it did mean balancing my camera on whatever ledge I could find, pointing it randomly and triggering it remotely. Was hoping to get to the top of a car park to do some light trails over the city but the visibility was poor so that is a trip for another evening. Also, do check out Laura’s blog – she has a brilliant panoramic feature which has given her some amazing shots.

Manchester Big Wheel Light Night Photography City Centre Arndale Rain

Manchester Wheel Arndale Selfridges Night Light Photography

Infrared Photography Manchester Wheel Night

Infrared filter with a long exposure.

Manchester Wheel night light photography trail

manchester wheel tree night light photography

manchester wheel night time photography arndale selfridges

Manchester wheel night time photography arndale lights