Photoset: Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Myself and Laura from I Hate Hiccups spent an hour this afternoon down in the Air Raid Shelters from World War 2 in Stockport. It was pretty damn amazing to walk around and physically feel the history of the place. Before you get into the shelters, you’re put in a small room in the dark where a short films plays – it’s a brilliant start to the shelters although if you’re anything like me, you may let out a small shriek (ok, a loud shriek) when you turn around and find a figure pointing at you…

We are planning two trips back – one to go around again on our own but to do some light graffiti in the tunnels and the other to do a guided night time tour where you get to see behind the parts that are locked up. If you’re near Stockport and have any interest, no matter how small, in history or the war then I’d highly recommend going. The website for the shelters is here.

world war 2 air raid shelter stockport

Blue filter on flash with one light at the end of an otherwise black tunnel

stockport air raid shelther bunker

Beds and benches in the bunker. Blue flash filter.

stockport air raid shelter poster

Winston Churchill poster with a long exposure and panning

nurses station air raid shelter world war 2

Gas mask and first aid apron in the nurses station

Toilet roll was on ration so newspaper was left hanging in the toilets in case the men or women were 'caught short'.

world war 2 gas light air raid shelter stockport

Old gas lamp

gas mask world war 2 air raid shelter

Close crop gas mask with no filter

air raid shelter gas mask flash filter photography

Blue filter on flash, extended crop.