Where do you get your inspiration from? As we at Broken Doll Collective try to turn our hands at everything and anything we tend to find inspiration from all over the place.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from not being able to find something we like among photos, cards, clothing etc, sometimes it comes from a song, a film, a book, sometimes it comes from stumbling across a website or finding a photographer/designer we like and wanting to almost emulate their work but with our own Doll House twist applied.

For me, today I’ve been inspired to make films. Sadly I do not have the gear to do so yet but I’m currently obsessed with all things lomography and have been looking at what else I can do with film and in doing so, discovered the LomoKino. I want one. I can wait but I want one!

If you haven’t heard of the LomoKino before have a look here, it records silent movies on 35mm film.

I came across this absolutely beautiful film shot with the LomoKino on by the user mf_said_yes_to_toycamera

An Analogue Afternoon

Seeing things like this makes me want to pick up a camera and make a film that will hopefully be even half as good. It’s just lovely… romantic… I love it.

If you have any interest in Lomography or even photography and film then I’d recommend going to the lomography site – amazing photos, films and tips that will no doubt inspire you even if you work completely in digitial.