Little Sailor Girl

Last night, we made prototypes for a new line of designs from Broken Doll Collective… Little Sailor Girl.

Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have actual products to show you but it’s a nautical inspired theme across clothing, prints and jewelry. We’ve been looking at various ways to take our designs and transfer them into sellable fashionable pieces of jewelry and the first thought was laser cutting but it’s so expensive to hire time at the specialist equipment that we had to think of something else and we’re pretty ecstatic at what we’ve got… you’ll have to watch this space to see what we’ve used and how it’s all looking.

We’ve dabbled in bits of clothing before using screen printing on t-shirts and bags and this time we’ll be using a mix of screen printing and transfers to create some funky looking items.

You might think Little Sailor Girl seems a bit random from the Broken Doll but it’s all linked in pretty nicely. Eva (the original Broken Doll, who I plan to do a post about soon, so soon in fact that’s in draft format as I type!) lives in a lighthouse! And… Laura Doll has a t-shirt which makes her look like a sailor so sometimes I call her Little Sailor Girl when she’s wearing it. It’s all a bit jumbled but look out for my post later this week about The Broken Doll when you’ll either be up to speed on who Eva is and why she lives in a lighthouse or you’ll be just as confused, so confused in fact that you’ll find yourself spending money in our lovely, lovely shop right here!

We’ll also have some new designs coming separate from Little Sailor Girl. It’s all very exciting here at The Doll House right now.

Here’s a sneak peek at the designs that aren’t to do with Little Sailor Girl, it’s all about lomo. This design will be a key ring and the camera part of it will also be used in other jewelry pieces.

p.s designs are copyright The Broken Doll 2012 and all that malarky!