Happy Valentines Day lovers and haters!

As someone who designs cards for a living you might find it strange that I’m not bothered about what card I get (that counts for birthdays, Christmas etc too). I think cards are important at any time of the year but it’s what’s written inside them and who it’s from that is important. A soppy Valentine is no more special than a card sent just to say I Love You on another day of the year (in fact, I think everyone I’ve ever spoken to thinks a card sent randomly is more special). Some of the Christmas cards that Laura has gotten (well, designed) for me in the past have been hilarious and one in particular was a poem about me being a bumface… it was hilarious and I love it.

One of the big things that I’ve seen online over the past few weeks is the 7p Asda Smart Price card which is genius! BUT I’ve seen comments from people saying if they’d received that they’d be dumping their other half. Seriously? The card is obviously meant for people who have a sense of humour (sounds familiar, that’s what we say about ours!) and hopefully someone would only buy it if they knew it would go down well but would you really dump someone for a bad choice of card?

Myself and Laura had a good giggle about the card and she said she’d find it hilarious if she got it. Aha! They’d sold out but that didn’t mean I couldn’t put this statement to the test… in fact, I went even cheaper:

As I knew she would, she found it hilarious and said it’s the best she’d ever received… almost wish I’d not spent £3 on a Hallmark card now.

I don’t know if anyone has seen the film Imagine Me and You but there is a line in the film which I love and it’s “Don’t forget me” to which the reply is “I won’t remember anything else”. I love it, love it. And this is what was on the card that was given to me today:


So cards – don’t take them so seriously. If someone can tell you that they love you and treat you well and make you happy then it really doesn’t matter whether the card you get is funny, cheap or over the top expensive – they all mean the same.

In the spirit of love, here’s a lovely song from Whitney. So sad she’s passed away, listening to her back catalogue there’s so many great songs, what a shame it’s only when someone has passed that you truely appreciate them.