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Let There Be Light – Manchester 27.02.2012

The Manchester wheel will be no more from April so I figured it was time to go out, do the tourist thing and photograph it. Points for originality? Nil but hey, sometimes following… Continue reading

Photoset: Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Myself and Laura from I Hate Hiccups spent an hour this afternoon down in the Air Raid Shelters from World War 2 in Stockport. It was pretty damn amazing to walk around and… Continue reading

Little L Bot lives on – the last photos.

So I quit the 365 project and explained why in this post right here, but I had three photos left over of L Bot that I didn’t get round to uploading so here… Continue reading


Where do you get your inspiration from? As we at Broken Doll Collective try to turn our hands at everything and anything we tend to find inspiration from all over the place. Sometimes… Continue reading

A quick note about 365…

I got bored.

Little Sailor Girl

Last night, we made prototypes for a new line of designs from Broken Doll Collective… Little Sailor Girl. Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have actual products to show you but it’s… Continue reading


Originally posted on i hate hiccups:
Despite my grumpy exterior and public transport rage, I’m actually a big softie on the inside. Looks like i’ve met match in Sarah though. Today I had…

Do You Lomo?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a very important roll of film. It is the first ever roll of film taken with my Diana F+. Now the really exciting part of getting the negatives… Continue reading


Happy Valentines Day lovers and haters! As someone who designs cards for a living you might find it strange that I’m not bothered about what card I get (that counts for birthdays, Christmas… Continue reading


Originally posted on Exiled Stardust:
Handwriting Analysis Week continues. I’ve done the Limebird Writers and friends  Laura, Beth, Aaron, Kate,  Sally and  Gillian. Now it’s Sarah’s turn.  Sarah posted a link to her…