Love Is All You Need? *extreme promotion, enter with caution*

We’re about to jump straight into the month of love but fear not cool singletons, we have cards that suit you and your sassy friends who don’t need a man or woman each February, just click here for the best in anti-Valentines day cards! Oh but lovers, you can also click that link to find lovely loved up soppy cards (and not so soppy cards just in case you want to let them know you fancy them!). Don’t want or need to buy a card? Well you know, we do other stuff there too if only you had a handy link which would take you straight to our shop selling funky prints and general greeting cards… oh look, here’s that link again!

What do you think about Valentines? I’m neither for or against it. I like romance and love but it’s nicer when it’s out of the blue – flowers on Valentines Day are lovely, flowers on a random day are the best. That’s part of the reason, with the exception of the anti-Valentines cards, that our lovely romantic cards aren’t specific to just one day of the year – you can surprise a loved one all year round with The Doll House.