Hi Lawrence, nice to meet you…

What do you get if you take two girls, a cigar, a pot of wax and a camera? You get Lawrence formally known as Laura.

I like, no I love, doing themed shoots. You get to explore new ideas that you can’t really get away with in a straight forward fashion shoot. The themed shoot isn’t about the clothes, it’s about the ‘everything’ – the attitude of the model, the setting, the story and as someone with a pretty vivid imagination, I love coming up with new ideas. This idea however was completely down to Laura.

In the past, usually with Laura as my willing model, I’ve done themed shoots such as apocalyptic Manchester, a sad clown and a lonely girl, a skeleton in an afro (!?!). You can see these shoots on my Flickr but today we decided to play with gender. Inspired recently by a photo shoot featuring an androgynous model with a stunning quiff, we set about turning Laura into Lawrence (fyi, I thought she should have been called Charlie, she disagreed.) It wasn’t about making her look like a boy, more a girl being a boy but still a girl? Get it? No, neither do I really. It’s not some social experiment or trying to be cool, it’s just about getting good images.

 Cigar lit and camera ready, these are the results: