This weekend…

I will mostly be playing with the idea of gender and blurring the lines of what it is… with a camera… who knows how it will turn out.

1 model, 1 cigar and a suit. I am very much looking forward to this shoot but I’ve learnt in the past that the shoots I get really excited about often disappoint, lets hope this is not the case now.

The rest of the weekend will be sketching, designing, writing and enjoying the relaxing little bubble that my home has become at the weekends. No rushing around, no set plans, just loveliness and lots of coffee.

I also really want to show you the designs that Laura (Luray Smythe) and I have been working on. Once they are done, we might put a little preview up along with what products they’ll be on. It’s scary going away from cards and prints etc but exciting too… world domination? Oh yeah!

Want some more inspiration in your life? Sesame & Lily did a great blog post earlier this month on sketchbooks, great to have a peek into other’s secret worlds – I might even share some of mine one day. I have numerous sketchbooks, journals, ideas pads and I can never resist buying more in fact I probably have more blank books waiting to be used that filled ones.

And because I don’t like to have too many posts without photos, here are previous photoshoots from me: (L Bot’s last few days will be up asap, promise!)