Stuff and more stuff.

I have so much to do today including waiting in for someone to come sort my front door out yet instead of getting on with said things, I find myself browsing websites, reading blogs, watching Undercover Boss USA… procrastinate much?

I’m one of these people that’s happiest when creating – whether that’s with a camera, doodling, writing, producing new designs for The Doll House BUT I’m also one of those people that can’t do those things when I have other stuff to do  think housework, walk the dog, food shopping, pay bills so you’d think I’d do the ‘boring’ stuff first (with the exception of taking Mylo out which is fun and I love doing) then get on with the fun stuff but nope, I do neither. I drink coffee, watch crap TV and find videos to amuse myself on YouTube. Must change that. Motivate!

Very, very excited about new product lines for the Broken Doll Collective – we’re branching out into… *top secret* things. Designs are being designed, supplies are being bought and then hopefully the two will be merged and put up online for the world to see and buy. We’ll hopefully have them ready in time to be stocked in Chorlton Arts Festival Hub come March, we were one of 12 crafty crafters to have our items stocked in the shop just before Christmas and it was excellent. Chicita from Gimme That Thing arranged it (and is arranging this stint too) and I don’t think anyone could have imagined the success it had, I know Chicita was thrilled with the turn out as were we and here’s hoping March is a successful run too.

What else? (Yes, I’m putting off that imporant stuff!) Laura from I Hate Hiccups spoke to me about doing a film project for her blog. It will be funny cos honestly, she’s funny. I don’t know how her blog comes across to those that don’t her but from someone who does, it has me laughing. My Mum called me up the other day laughing down the phone at Laura’s post about buses. Laura moans, a lot, but has such a good way with words and creating a story that I hope those that don’t know her get the full effect of the blogs too.

Ooh, also doing a funky photoshoot this weekend – one which requires me to get hold of a big fat cigar. I will no doubt be asked for ID when buying the big fat cigar despite being 29. I have a baby face and when people tell you it’s a good thing – it’s not. I’d quite like to look my age. I never have and maybe never will although I do have a fear that one day I’ll wake up and instead of being baby faced, all the years of looking young will have caught up with me and I’ll suddenly look 30 years older than I am. 

I really have nothing else to bore you with, so until I upload the 365 days 25 and 26 later, I’ll; bid you farewell!