365 – a catch up and light graffiti.

So I didn’t blog yesterday but I did take my day 11 photograph which was this: Peek-A-Bot

And for day 12 today… it seems that L Bot is something of a caffeine junkie (I think he takes after me!)

Earlier this evening (12/01/12), myself and Laura headed out armed with lights, cameras and a tripod (which is pretty much on its last legs at the moment). Laura wanted to shoot the light trails that you see on photographs from cars/buses as they speed past your camera and although Laura is using a point and shoot compact, she came up with some pretty good results – I give it till the weekend before she is stealing my DSLR to set longer shutter speeds than she currently can. This was one of the photos taken using Laura’s Fuji camera (which, by the way, I want! Sometimes my camera is a bit big to carry around so definitely want to invest in a compact and I can not fault the Fuji Finepix L55 at all!).

Once we’d finished on the main road, we headed to the garden to do some light graffiti. We played about with different shutter speeds, different shapes and exposures. This was our first attempt and I’m sure not our last – not the best example you’ll see of light graffiti on the web (seriously you need to check out Kyle Saxton from Manchester who is amazing at it!) but we’re pretty happy with the results, Laura drew the star, I drew the heart:


Definitely check out Laura’s blog over the weekend, she’ll be uploading photos from this evening and I’m sure lots more!

Plenty of shoots coming up over the next month – lots of fashion and some themed shoots. Watch this space for sneak peaks! And over the weekend I’ll be uploaded my 2nd project from the 52 Photography Projects series – this time, it’s shooting from a rats eye view!