TERROR! Or… at least a little bit worrying… for half an hour.

Urgh, so my morning routine goes something like this: wake up about 7.45am to make Laura’s pack up and send her to work with a cup of tea. I make myself a coffee, switch on Channnel 4 for a morning dose of U.S comedy, plonk myself on the sofa with Mylo curled up next to me then switch on my laptop. Nothing unusual today until it came to switching on the laptop! It wouldn’t… well it did turn on but a huge grey box informed me that Windows was trying to fix a fault… and it stayed there… then it restarted… then it carried on trying to fix itself and then it gave up. Now when something like that happens, maybe I should be thinking about the big picture and how a broken laptop in the grand scheme of things isn’t that bad but all I could actually think about was the fact that every single photo I have taken, every piece of fiction I’ve written, 13,000 words of a story I’m working on, every design for my business, every commission, every song, every receipt, every invoice, everything creative in my life was on this laptop that wouldn’t start.

I am, usually, one of the good ones, I back up regularly. BUT… and of course there is a but, when I got my new laptop 3 months ago I tranferred everything from my old laptop and external harddrive to the new laptop and wiped everything. I did it so I could sort out hundreds of files, my theory was that if I had them all on my laptop, I could delete what I didn’t want/need and sort out everything else then back it all up so it was neat and in order… but it didn’t happen. Lesson learnt! BIG lesson learnt.

Luckily, I managed to boot my computer up and get rid of a problem (a piece of software which isn’t compatible with Windows 7 was the problem) and my lovely, lovely laptop is working as new AND I have a fresh back up of everything – none of it is in any order but it’s there and it’s backed up!

End of a boring and terrfying lesson learnt, I went into Withington this evening and took some photos of my favourite building – The Mensroom Barbershop. (FYI, keep an eye on Laura’s blog – she came along, took my camera off me and started snapping away herself!)