Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Love Is All You Need? *extreme promotion, enter with caution*

We’re about to jump straight into the month of love but fear not cool singletons, we have cards that suit you and your sassy friends who don’t need a man or woman each… Continue reading

Goings on at The Doll House.

Today, we melted wax crayons. Cos that’s how we roll init… ok, less gangsta speak, it clearly doesn’t suit me. Don’t know why but there is a lot of melted wax on that… Continue reading

Hi Lawrence, nice to meet you…

What do you get if you take two girls, a cigar, a pot of wax and a camera? You get Lawrence formally known as Laura. I like, no I love, doing themed shoots.… Continue reading

This weekend…

I will mostly be playing with the idea of gender and blurring the lines of what it is… with a camera… who knows how it will turn out. 1 model, 1 cigar and… Continue reading


I love stars. One day I’ll have the patience to stay outside long enough to shoot star trails but for now, just gazing up and taking the odd snap now and again will… Continue reading

Better late than never?

We’ve been a bit slack with getting our Valentine’s cards up and online but they’re here in time for the last minute buyers! And there is something for every taste from those who… Continue reading

Stuff and more stuff.

I have so much to do today including waiting in for someone to come sort my front door out yet instead of getting on with said things, I find myself browsing websites, reading… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 24

L Bot was so happy when he got called to the local Rugby ground… shame the ball was too big for him to play with. Never mind L Bot, maybe you can be… Continue reading


I’m famous… well in Bolton anyway. The kind people over at Business Boom Bolton contacted me back in December with an interest in my work and offered me a brilliant opportunity to be… Continue reading

365 Project – Day 22

L Bot likes to jot down his daily going ons in his journal, I sneakily snapped him in action. “today I played with Sasha, it was fun” 🙂 and is there a love… Continue reading